As They Grow Up Review and Giveaway:
“The opening story is well written and you can immediately get the theme.  Anyone will relate to the story of closed doors and lost dreams. Then the book opens to a workbook style journal.  I really like that while the thoughts are deep they are not filled with a bunch of busy work and the exercises are rather short and easy to accomplish.  This book is a great tool for someone that has been stuck in life and wants to live more passionately and accomplish their dreams.”

Dad of Divas Review:
“The book itself was a poignant story that brings out so much for the reader to reflect on. [The Flowering House] makes this process both fun and easier to attain through an easy to follow story…[and] so many guiding questions…that will help them move in the right direction for their life.’

“The Flowering House will move your heart and inspire you to journey toward a life of authenticity, truth and purpose. Paige Stirling Fox not only tells a great story, but lives it.”  -Tommy Spaulding, New York Times bestselling author of It’s Not Just Who You Know

Artwork by Lena Ralston

“The Flowering House is a beautiful book of self-discovery that provides practical tools for self-transformation. The story encourages us to look deep within ourselves and find the courage to allow our soul to dance again.”
-Marcela Grant, author of Luminous Mountain.

“This book is a blessing to women. It is for me. The meaningful story, beautiful illustrations and the practical wisdom from the journal helped me deeply contemplate about my life and my greater purpose. I have given this book as gifts to family and friends to also inspire and empower them in their journey towards a life of authenticity.
I highly recommend this book to all women who would like to answer the call of  `something more’ in their lives – to follow their unique journeys and say yes to the greatest, deepest desires of their hearts.”
– Jill Javelosa-Alvare


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